Do you have a few hours a week or days on a regular basis when you could help us as a volunteer driver? We require you to have a clean driving licence, your own car and your permission to carry out a DBS check. Mileage allowance is paid for any driving you carry out for us.

Please contact us on 01904 551441
or contact Karen on karen.woodward@york.nhs.uk.

01904 630080

Volunteer drivers in York

Urgently Required Volunteer Drivers and Trustees

We are always looking for volunteers drivers. If you can help, please contact us on 01904 726786 - due to the high demand for the service. If you have an in date DBS Check and are available a few hours a day or a day a week we are happy to fit in around the hours you are available. Then please call us to have a chat about the service we provide and how you can help?. Did you help during the lock down? did you get great satisfaction and want to help more people then please call. This is a service very very much in demand by the residents of York. You are reimbursed any fuel costs using the community transport allowance by HMRC.

We are also in the process of looking for Trustees for York Wheels Ltd in particular a Company Treasurer and a Company Secretary.

Drivers required

• Are you already a driver with access to a vehicle?

• Do you have time to spare?

• Would you like to start voluntary work but don’t know how?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions then York Wheels may be the voluntary organization for you! Community car schemes can help enormously to combat social isolation and alleviate peoples’ transport difficulties making a huge positive impact on the well being of the people using it, and those providing it too! Our drivers use their own cars to provide a transport service and are reimbursed their costs. If you have your own car, a few hours to spare each week and want to help, contact York Wheels on 01904 630080) to have an initial chat and to find out if we can be the voluntary organization for you.


  • Enthusiasm for fundraising
  • Preferably some business experience (but not essential)
  • Good communication skills
  • Commitment to the organization’s mission
  • Time commitment to attend monthly meetings and partake in York Wheels Ltd activities

The role of a Trustee at York Wheels Ltd involves ensuring the organization pursues its stated objectives by developing a long term strategy.  Trustees must also ensure that York Wheels Ltd applies its resources in pursuance of its charitable objectives.  Additionally, all Trustees are expected to contribute in activities of the charity including fund raising events and social events for the charity.

To get involved please called the office on 01904 630080 and ask to speak to Karen Woodward (Office Manager)