Do you have a few hours a week or days on a regular basis when you could help us as a volunteer driver? We require you to have a clean driving licence, your own car and your permission to carry out a DBS check. Mileage allowance is paid for any driving you carry out for us.

Please contact us on 01904 551441
or contact Karen on karen.woodward@york.nhs.uk.

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Car share in York

Car Share

Volunteer car schemes and the Law

The hallmark of a quality volunteer car scheme is the principle that it is nothing more than organised form of car-sharing. In this system a local pool of volunteer drivers are available to take people on a pre-arranged journey, coordinated by a central organisation, in this case York Wheels Ltd. The drivers use their own cars to make these journeys and their expenses are reimbursed. Bookings cannot be taken for journeys on the same day.

Client contributions will not cover the scheme’s total running cost so to support funding we will source from all ethical and appropriate schemes, currently City of York Council, donations from volunteers and fund raising are used.

Where volunteer drivers are using their own cars to transport passengers and receiving reimbursement not exceeding the vehicles running costs then the operation will come under car sharing legislation. Section 19 permits (10B in Northern Ireland), operator and private hire licences are therefore not required. We are NOT a taxi service and must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Section 19 Permit. .

Car schemes are the subject of a series of exemptions from all the licensing and operating regulations provided that drivers do not make a profit on any expenses they are paid (i.e. over and above the reasonable running costs of the car they use), the scheme and – more importantly – its volunteer drivers, need only comply with regulations applicable to private motorists. The requirements of the various Road Traffic Acts must be met and vehicles used in the scheme must be roadworthy, insured and taxed.

All our volunteers have a Disclosure and Barring Service check prior to starting with York Wheels.